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About JBLicense

Are you looking for an easy integration for your reselling business? Or just a simple way to use licenses for? Well, JBLicense is the right API for everybody with an easy integration and simple docs in every programming language, with internet capabilities!

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On All Devices

JBLicense is depending on your integration and will be guaranteed working on all devices!

Easy To Learn

Simple Web Requests and a really simple documentation make JBLicense easy to master yet feature rich.

Secure Data

Your Data is stored securly on our servers and offer you the ability to verify the Server Connection using RSA Encryption

Customer Privacy In Mind

Both customers' (yours AND ours) privacy have a top priority here at Pixelcat Productions, we are fully GDPR compliant and respect your data very much.

Extensive Testing

Our API is going under extensive testing by our QA team which ensures an almost bug free experience for everybody. If you happen to encounter one, contact our vulnerability team with more infos at our Vulnerability Reporting Page

Feature Rich

Not only does JBLicense support a high performance licensing system, we also offer you the ability to manage wallets, currencies and change your customers balance if you don't have an own backend for this! Generate Product Keys with the ability to immediately print them onto your products either by barcodes, QR codes or just in simple text form.


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Licenses Granted

Is this a paid service?

Mostly no, but some features like Request Quota, or non monitored Product Key generation requires an upgrade of your API Key, if you wish to know more about this contact our support.

How does it work?

It's a really simple workflow! Create Product > Create Customer > Grant License > Verify License!

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You got questions about JBLicense? Don't hesitate to contact us!